When the Ragin' Cajuns meet up with McNeese State, it's a guaranteed party. When the folks in vermilion and white and the Pokes in blue and yellow get together, you better make sure the tailgate has extra beer.

Tailgating was a massive mix of red and blue, but everybody was throwing down together. You had McNeese State fans doing the rooster dance, Cajun fans talking smack, and a whole lot of delicious food. When you see smoke rising from the grill, you know it's time for another edition of Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV.

Not only did I have a $100 gift card from Academy Sports and Outdoor for a lucky fan this week, the good people from Service Chevrolet Cadillac hooked us up with a top-of-the-line cooler to give away. Everybody wanted to win the goods, but the winners for the week stood out for different reasons.

I have a weak spot in my heart for adorable children, and this week's episode was full of the cutest kids in Cajun land.

Service Chevy provided a fantastic cooler, and two little boys made sure their parents took it home thanks to some sweet dance moves. John and Andrew showed me their touchdown dances, and I showed them a brand new cooler to keep their juice boxes cold. Don't worry though, the entire tailgate started dancing when they saw their new cooler.

The winner of our Academy gift card didn't have to do anything except be born...54 years ago. It was Jody's birthday, so I gave him a surprise birthday present in the form of $100 towards whatever sports gear or tailgating supplies his heart desires. That's what happens when I find a birthday boy or girl, they get a birthday surprise.

I met a McNeese State fan called Tee-Na-Na, ate some grillades over corn grits (yum), hung out with a wiener dog named Jax and beat the heat with the best fans in the country.

Three home games to start the season perfectly kicks off another year of Tailgate TV, but we only have one game left of the three game stand. Make sure to bring your creativity to the tailgate against South Alabama...it could win you some prizes.

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