Texas A&M Defensive End Myles Garrett is the projected top pick in this year's NFL Draft, and he's already trying to avoid the Cleveland Browns.

In an attempt to find a better home, Garrett went on camera and begged the Dallas Cowboys to put together a deal with Cleveland to trade for the top pick. He said he really wants to play for the Cowboys, but are we sure he's not just trying to avoid the guaranteed misery of playing for the Browns?

Almost every mock draft in the country has Garrett going to Cleveland with the first pick of the draft, but the 6'7"-270 lb sack machine clearly has a plan of his own.

Will Jerry Jones make his dream come true? Cleveland definitely needs a quarterback, but would Tony Romo and a package of picks be enough to convince the Browns to pass up on the top edge rusher in the draft?

Garrett is making a lot of waves before the draft. First, he announced he won't be attending this year's NFL Draft, now he makes a plea to play for the Cowboys.

He never explicitly said he didn't want to play for the Browns, but all I could hear when he was talking was, "Please, don't make me play in Cleveland. Whatever it takes, I don't want to be a Cleveland Brown."

Whoever ends up drafting Garrett could be getting the next great pass rusher in the NFL, but the Cowboys would have to give up a king's ransom to get him. It might be a pipedream for Garrett, but you can't blame him for trying.

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