Less than a week into LSU’s fall camp tempers are flaring as temperatures almost reach 100 degrees.

Former Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns wide receiver Karen Lacy and fellow wide receiver Malik Nabors were tossed out of practice. As was sophomore linebacker Harold Perkins, whom Coach Brian Kelly grabbed, and sent him back to the locker room after he tried to re-enter practice.

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Kelly was not happy, and he later told an assistant coach the staff needed to break up the fight sooner. He pulled Harold Perkins to the side and spoke to the sophomore linebacker when he tried to rotate back onto the defense after the fight. Perkins did not play another snap during practice.


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Sophomore Tight End Maason Smith passed along Kelly’s message. "He told us how things like that are going to happen when you're that passionate about playing football," Taylor said. "We need to remember that we've always got to respect the brotherhood."

LSU opens the 2023 season in Orlando against the Florida State Seminoles, Sunday night September 3 at 6:30P CT

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