It is said that if you play hard, and embrace the city and its culture then New Orleans will love you forever. Pelicans guard Jose Alvarado is becoming a new fan favorite in New Orleans, the rest of Louisiana, and with Pelicans fans around the world.

Pelicans Fans Cheering & Chanting For Jose Alvarado

The fans have begun to chant "Jose Jose Jose Jose, Jose, Joseeee" in honor of the Pelicans guard. And he deserves every syllable of that chant from the fans. Alvarado is the perfect embodiment of the city of New Orleans. A player who is resilient doesn't quit and doesn't back down from a challenge.

Jose Alvarado went undrafted and didn't know if he would even make the NBA. He never backed down and fought his way onto an NBA team. But he didn't just fight for a spot and rested on his laurels. No, he continued to work to become the best version of himself and he was rewarded with a new guaranteed contract, as well as significant regular season/playoff minutes. That screams New Orleans to me! A city that has had to rebuild multiple times over but has never given up.

Then when you look at his play on the court Alvarado is a tough and annoying defender. However, unlike other pesky defenders, Alvarado has an offensive game. He can shoot the three, get to the paint, and create for others. Alvarado is a player that New Orleans is so lucky fell through the cracks because they got a steal.

What I love is not only did the city embrace, Alvarado, but Alvarado has also embraced the city. To hear a player call New Orleans home means a lot to this fan base after the debacle that was Anthony Davis.

The Pelicans have gone through the fire and the flames as an organization. This honestly is the best time to be a Pelicans fan. As the team is in the playoffs when no one expected them to be after starting the season 1-12. But between Brandon Ingram, CJ McCollum, Jonas Valanciunas, Herb Jones, Trey Murphy III, Jose Alvarado, and the rest of the team the Pelicans fought hard to get to where they are now. And no matter, if they win or lose this team, has a bright future. This fanbase has a lot to be excited about going forward. And one of the things fans can get excited about is the continued growth of New Orleans' new adopted son from Queens New York Jose Alvarado.

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