NEW ORLEANS, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - The New Orleans Saints are looking to make a deep playoff run this season. The Saints added a bunch of new talent in the offseason including their new quarterback Derek Carr, former TE Jimmy Graham, and new RB Jamaal Williams just to name a few.

New running back Jamaal Williams is expected to be a big piece for the Saints this season, as Williams was the top running back this past season in scoring touchdowns. Williams will be extremely important for the first three weeks as Alvin Kamara is suspended but even when Kamara comes back the Saints will need Williams to be productive. Well, Williams decided that he is going into this season with a new number. Williams will wear number twenty-one.

Williams is going back to the number he wore at BYU. Now the first reason for the change is endearing. Williams is changing his number in honor of his Uncle Bo. But the second reason may be shocking for many Saints fans. However, the second reason for the number change is for the football anime Eyeshield 21. In the anime(Japanese TV show), the main character is a running back whose goal is to be the best running back in the league and of all time. If you didn't know Williams is a big anime fan who is known as the Swagkazekage, which is him paying homage to the hit anime Naruto. So for Williams to change his number to 21, it makes sense that it has a tie to the most popular football anime.

Hopefully, Williams can execute this season like the main character from Eyeshield 21 and if he does the Saints will win a lot of ball games. The Saints start the season this Sunday against the Titans at 12:00 p.m.

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