The Saints' relationship with wide receiver Michael Thomas is somewhere between toxic and dreadful. The wide receiver is believed to be cut by the media and fans due to his cap hit. However, if they keep him the tension between the two is high especially after Michael Thomas criticized the Saints' medical staff.

For Michael Thomas to call the Saints' medical staff cheap and uneducated is a deep shot. Granted he phrased it as the NFL in his first tweet responding to a former Eagles player receiving a settlement from the NFL from a medical issue involving the team doctors. But it's the second tweet after that confirms he is saying the Saints' medical team sucks. He added well at least some places I know. What place does Michael Thomas know besides the Saints?

For a player of Thomas' caliber to say that is damaging. Especially when you look at the medical history under the Benson/Loomis regime. From both the football team and the Pelicans, the medical staff has been heavily criticized. We've seen both organizations handle injuries in a horrible manner. I mean just look at what happened to Jameis Winston this past season. You can even go back to the Anthony Davis era with the Pelicans. Not just Davis, but a good bit of the team suffered injury issues. This is a pattern with the Loomis regime that is horrible.

This gets worse when you see him going to Travis Kelce for advice on his injury and giving the Chiefs' medical staff a lot of praise. It's believed that if he is cut, he will be headed to Kansas City.

This relationship between the Saints and Michael Thomas seems pretty much in the gutter. But it is a real issue having star players call out the organizations'(Pelicans and Saints) medical staff. Maybe it's time for an overhaul of both teams' doctors and medical staff.

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