Do you see this man? His name is Luis Guillorme, and he might just be the real "most interesting man in the world."

Guillorme is a shortstop prospect for the Mets, who is known for his slick glove and ability in the field, but the Mets didn't know he also possessed superhuman abilities.

In a recent Spring Training game, a bat went flying out of a batter's hands into the Mets' dugout, and Guillorme caught the bat like it was nothing. Any normal human being would have ducked for cover, but Guillorme said, "Don't worry. I got this."

This is how you catch a bat like a boss. Watch and learn.

The best part is how nonchalant he is about it, like, "What, this bat? No big deal. I got it."

We've all seen players barehand a baseball, but barehanding a bat? That's ridiculous. Guillorme has already reached legendary status with baseball fans, and he hasn't played a single game for the Mets yet.

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