Yesterday we posted a story on the breaking news of Kim Mulkey's comments on Brittney Griner. For that story click here:

However, there is more to this Kim Mulkey story than just the news because of the reaction from former players, to media, and to other coaches. The lasting effects of Mulkey's comments may have tarnished her legacy or if not her legacy than her current coaching career.

After those comments were made people began questioning whether parents should send their kids to Kim Mulkey for her to coach or not. It's a valid question when you take a step back and look at the situation. The reason why it's a horrible look is that Mulkey coached Griner from 2009-2013 and for her to show no compassion for Griner's situation just looks bad on all levels. Because this issue isn't political, you begin to ask yourself why not comment? I can understand if she chose not to speak on issues that relate to American politics; however, this isn't that. And the way she said "and you won't" pertaining to whether or not she would speak on Griner makes it seem that her relationship with her players is strictly transactional. Also, the tone in which she said "and you won't" was also a very harsh tone.

Then let's take a deeper look at Griner and Mulkey's relationship. Allegedly while Griner was in college Mulkey was forcing her to suppress her sexual identity. That story from 2013 by Kate Fagan began to resurface after those comments on Griner's current situation with Russia.

When you look at both scenarios it makes Mulkey look absolutely horrible. Why would I trust her with my daughter at a time in a person's life when they need an adult figure the most to look out for you especially being away from home? This is a time when kids are transitioning to young adults and are vulnerable. From all of these stories I couldn't trust anything she said during recruiting because how can you tell a family that you're joining a family when that's how you treat a former player who was also supposed to be "family"?

And I know the first thing you the reader are thinking is well she is a winner, she will get my daughter to be a better basketball player. I'd respond by saying look there are multiple coaches out there who can do the same thing she can on a basketball level but will treat your daughter with more humanity than Mulkey. Whether that's Geno Auriemma with Uconn,  Dawn Staley with South Carolina, Tara VanDerveer with Stanford, or Nicki Collen of Baylor there are better human beings coaching women's basketball than Mulkey. And I'm an LSU fan but I can not cosign our women's coach no matter how many wins she has.

Also, it doesn't help Mulkey when former teammates of Griner's and her former players are bashing her as well.

Kim Mulkey has had a horrible past with incidents like these but it doesn't end here. Mulkey was the same person who defended Baylor during the Art Briles scandal but can't comment on Griner.

When you look at the Mulkey picture as a whole yeah she is a great winner and a great coach at teaching basketball. However time and time again she has shown her true colors in how she feels about her players and humanity in general. This current Griner scandal in my opinion combined with her extremely checkered past will tarnish how we view her in the future; however, it should also affect her current coaching career. If you're a parent it would be better to look elsewhere for a coach who can actually care about your daughters instead of selling you a false dream to bolster her own career.

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