Anyone who attended the Louisiana Homecoming Parade Saturday was touched by a message on one of the floats.

Kappa Delta sorority chose to honor former Louisiana baseball coach Tony Robichaux on the front of their float.

The message "ROBE 36" spoke loud and clear to those who were in attendance.

Danika Arenibas, Senior Advancement Officer for the Kappa Delta Foundation was equally touched by the gesture.

"The theme this year for Homecoming was 'Embrace the cULture,' and no one embraced or epitomized our culture better than Coach Robe," Arenibas said.  "I'm so fiercely proud of our girls for what they did."

Cajun baseball fans and those who "Embrace the cULture" thank Kappa Delta for remembering Robe, who passed away July 3.


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