LSU has had many talented players go through the university such as Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Leonard Fournette, Tryann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, Ryan Clark, and many more. But none more decorated and arguably important to the university than Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase. The duo returned home yesterday.

It's always nice to see when great players return home to their college. But these guys are on another level. Joe Burrow will most definitely get a statue and I personally wouldn't be mad if Ja'Marr Chase did as well. But what really makes this trip even better, is that Joe and Ja'Marr were helping Coach Kelly recruit one of the top quarterbacks in the country Dante Moore.

Moore is a 5-star quarterback who ranks 4th among the 2023 prospect quarterback class. The only quarterbacks above him are Arch Manning, Malachi Nelson, and Nicholaus Lamaleava. Lamaleava and Nelson both have committed and know what university they will be attending. Lamaleava will be attending Tennesee and Nelson will be attending USC. Now when it comes to Arch, we still don't know where he will be going. However, we do know that his top universities are Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Texas. But in actuality when it comes to Arch the two universities that are in contention are Bama and Georgia.

So to see LSU in the running for a great quarterback from that class is great for the program. Hopefully, LSU can recruit and get Moore to commit to LSU because the SEC will be even tougher with Manning more than likely going to Bama and then Lamaleava to Tennesee will make the Vols a legit threat in the SEC.

However what better way to recruit a player than having them talk to Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase. Coach Kelly is doing all the right things as of now when it comes to recruiting. He said one of the reasons for his decision to leave Notre Dame was resources. And there's no better resource when it comes to recruiting than arguably the greatest college football quarterback of all time in Burrow.

It is great to see Coach Kelly embracing LSU's history. Even though he is a northerner, he realizes the importance of LSU's past. All that's next is giving Joe and Ja'Marr the statues they deserve and for Coach Kelly to get the Tigers back in contention.

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