According to new reports, the New Orleans Saints have terminated contracts for tight-ends Jared Cook and Josh Hill. In one of the bigger off-season moves from them so far this year, the Saints will be looking for new offensive pieces to fill the newly vacant tight-end spot.

You can see Twitter posts with the news that was broken by @nick_underhill below.

You can also check out the official release from the New Orleans Saints Facebook page below.

In one of the biggest off-season moves the Saints have made since their season ended, New Orleans is parting ways with Jared Cook and Josh Hill. This vacates two spots in the tight-end group for the Saints and also clears up $2.5 million in cap space with the Hill contract being terminated.

Saints fans had a bad taste in their mouth for Jared Cook at the end of last season, as some crucial mistakes in New Orleans' final playoff game of the year had a lot of fingers pointing in Cook's direction.

But, it isn't fair to place all of the blame for the Saints' Super Bowl dreams ending all on Jared Cook as he was a serious work horse for the team all year long.

However you feel about Cook or Hill, the Saints will be looking to who will be their tight-ends next season.

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