New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans signed a one year contract extension this week, with the expectation that his new deal would shed some 2015 salary cap for the Saints.

Katherine Terrell of The Times-Picayune is reporting through sources that Evans' new deal frees up $4 million in cap space, dropping his 2015 cap number from $11 million to $7 million. His 2016 cap number drops from $10.2 to $8.2 million.

Evans converted a large portion of his 2015 contract to a $5.4 million signing bonus, dropping his 2015 base salary from $6.8 million, to $1 million. In the end, Evans took a $400,000 pay cut for 2015.

Evans, 31, was named to his 6th pro bowl after the 2014 season, despite his playing taking a slight dip in overall performance due to nagging injuries.

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