How great is this photo and story?

The Carencro Police Department recently shared a photo and story of an officer and a kid from their community and now many are applauding the officer.

In the photo, that you see here, Officer Courville with the Carencro Police Dept. is with a young boy who invited him to play basketball while he was on patrol.

The officer took up the young boy's offer and that is when the connection was made.

Officer Courville engaged in not only a quick basketball game with this kid but also got to know him. The young boy in the photo here told the officer that when he grows up he wants to teacher.

Carencro P.D.
Carencro P.D.

From there, Officer Courville invited his new friend into his patrol unit where he got to turn on the lights and even crank up the siren on the unit.

As some said under the original post by Carencro P.D. this is a moment this little boy will never forget. And I'll go one step further, this is one moment Officer Courville will probably never forget.

It's moments like this that should remind all of us that if we just take time to be with and listen to kids we can build their trust in us. This young boy has made a new friend and likely even built up the trust he now has in law enforcement.

This is most certainly a win for both parties here and we can't thank Officer Courville enough for just being kind, and friend to this aspiring teacher.

Here are just a few of the comments under the post from above.

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