A few weeks ago on the show, I referenced a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine (who shall go unnamed), who was disgusted to learn that yours truly is a fan of professional wrestling.

"How can you watch wrestling?" person who shall go unnamed incredulously asked. "That stuff is trash!"

While some pro wrestling is indeed trash (the Shockmaster, anybody?), this person obviously has never watched wrestling.  If so, this person would have known that most wrestling isn't trash.  At its best, wrestling is a soap opera on steroids (pun intended).  At its worst, it's the most bizarre form of comedy you'll ever see.

Case in point:  These two promos cut by Mike Samples in 1994 while working in Championship Wrestling from America.


The acting displayed in those two clips are worthy of Rassie Award nominations.


ICYMI:  Mike Detillier joined us in the first hour to discuss the Saints victory over Green Bay last week, as well as this week's match-up against Chicago.  In the second hour, Coach Tony Robichaux checked in to preview this week's Red/White World Series at the Tigue.  In the final hour, we speculated if Kevin Foote can survive this World Series.

If you missed any part of the show, or if you want to revisit the interviews, you can listen here.

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