The New Orleans Saints are coming off a season where they missed the playoffs with a 9-8 record. This offseason they lost their former head coach Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis added a whole new crop of talent.

With the franchise focusing on winning now and making the playoffs the pressure is on for the New Orleans Saints. Here are the 4 Saints with the most to prove in 2022

1. Jameis Winston

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks
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There is no one on the Saints with more to prove than Jameis Winston. Coming off of an ACL injury Jameis Winston is expected to have an above-average season for the Saints. Before his injury last year Winston had a 5-2 record with 1170 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. He was balling, to say the least.

Now with an upgraded wide receiver room, Winston is expected to lead the Saints to the playoffs. Winston signed a 2 year deal with the Saints. If Winston leads the Saints to the playoffs then he is setting himself up to finish his career in New Orleans as the Saints' next franchise quarterback. But it all depends on how he performs this season and that's why he has the most to prove in 2022.

2. Dennis Allen & Pete Carmichael

This next one is kind of a cheat but it is true. With Sean Payton stepping down the pressure is on Dennis Allen as head coach to succeed. And then with Pete Carmichael to develop a great offense for Jameis Winston. Allen didn't succeed in his last run as head coach so this may be his last opportunity to show he can work as a head coach. And for Carmichael can he develop plays and a successful offense without Payton. The pressure is on both coaches to get the Saints to the playoffs. But it's more than that. These coaches have the added pressure of replacing a legendary coach and can they be successful without him.

3. Michael Thomas

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After all of the drama that Michael Thomas caused last offseason, he has to perform this year. Theres no if ands or buts about it, Thomas has to have a good season for the Saints. Then you add the fact that Drew Brees is no longer the starting quarterback, it is on him to show that he still has the ability to be a number 1 target. Was the success because of Brees, was it because of Thomas, or a combination of both. No matter what you or I think at this very moment, we will find out this season. Thomas has to come out and perform well because if not the calls for trades will be loud. Also, throw in that huge contract and you have the perfect recipe for pressure.

4. Tyrann Mathieu

This choice is towards the bottom due to the fact I think that Tyrann Mathieu has a lot to prove but it's more so for the city. Being that Mathieu is from New Orleans, he has stated multiple times how he wants to bring a championship home. This sort of pressure is one that is a challenge to himself. Because to be honest Mathieu's legacy is cemented. However, due to his personal determination, he has to prove he can still perform at a game-changing level to get the Saints to the promised land.

This upcoming season for the Saints can be a special one. However, it begins with these 5 gentlemen. If these 5 guys are successful then the Saints will have the season that they want. If not, well it will be a long year.

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