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Gary Sheffield hit 509 home runs in his illustrious, hard-hitting career and you may be wondering why I used a picture of him in a New York Mets uniform for the main picture of this article, correct? Well, I thought it would be apropos seeing as he hit his 500th in a Mets uniform during his age 40 season in 2009 which turned out to be his last.

Fast-forward now and Shef is 51. You may remember him most for his unique batting stance in which he wagged his bat back and forward and then violently whipping it through the strike zone.

Personally, it was my go-to wiffleball batting stance when I hit right-handed and then it was either "The Kid" aka Ken Griffey Jr. or Ichiro when I turned it around and hit from the left side.

So, the question is, at age 51 does Gary Sheffield still have it? Does he still have that classic bat wag, the violent swing, and the pop to get it out of the yard?

Monday night, those questions were answered via his personal Instagram account:

I know it was just batting practice but I think it's safe to say most of us couldn't do that with 100% concentration and effort. Shef is out there smoking a stogie and just crushing balls like it's no big deal. Color me impressed.


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