(Please note, this would’ve been a list from when I first moved to Lafayette on Labor Day 2013).  Feel free to comment on what you think should be on the list.

Talk about a fish out of water.  Not only was I beginning my career as a full-time sports talk show host, but I moved to a part of the country I knew very little about.  Outside of an annual trip to visit family in New Orleans and my brother attending LSU Medical School, I spent very little time in Louisiana.  I had a lot to learn.

1) First thing, was how to say Lafayette.  Seems simple enough. There is a Lafayette, NY and Lafayette, IN.  And they are all named after the same American Revolutionary Hero, Marquis de La Fayette.  However,  Lafayette, LA is pronounced differently, although not difficult to learn.  It rhymes with the candy, TAFFY.  As in LAFFY TAFFY.   

2) Just outside of Lafayette, is Scott, Louisiana, the Boudin Capital Of The World.  Boudin is a Cajun sausage specialty and Scott has the most boudin cooks in the state.  Just like people rank their Top 5 NFL QBs, they’ll rank top 5 places for boudin in Scott, LA.  The boudin discussion may get more heated.

Bruce Mikels
Bruce Mikels

3) One of the first places I was taken to lunch was the Blue Dog Cafe, a casual, but a very good restaurant.  It was named Blue Dog in honor of local artist George Rodrigue, who was famous for his Blue Dog paintings.  While some may have Monet or Picasso prints in their homes, Cajuns proudly display Blue Dog prints.

Blue Dog "We Will Rise" print
Facebook via George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts

4) College Football is King in the South.  Fans spend all day tailgating and tend to get upset at early kickoffs.  And while LSU dominates the Louisiana college football landscape, the Ragin’ Cajuns have a proud tradition.  So much so, there is a small, but vocal Cajuns fan base, that isn’t particularly fond of the Tigers.  So much so, it isn’t unusual if Cajuns fans don’t invite their LSU brethren to weddings or other special occasions.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Getty Images

5) Another specific food to Lafayette is crawfish.  They are boiled and enjoyed in an Étouffée.  They are extremely popular, but can be expensive.  And just like gas stations, crawfish have their own app.  The Crawfish app keeps you updated on the best crawfish prices per pound in the Lafayette area.  A must for any local.

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