The internet can be a cruel and vile place to live in sometimes. And that's why when people act like the backside of a horse there, you can have a little fun and remind them where to put it.

The New Orleans Saints and their trash-talkin' extraordinaire safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson did just that yesterday towards ESPN's Skip Bayless.

The ESPN talking head who is known for his outlandish and sometimes moronic hot takes was obviously rooting for the love of his life, Tom Brady, to pull out the win against the Black & Gold.

The first half tweets were just man-crushingly nauseous.

Seriously dude, get a room!

Sadly, it didn't stop.

And of course, the Saints stole all of Skip's thunder by sealing the game with a late interception return for a touchdown by cornerback PJ Williams.

Why yes Skip, you are going to get an earful on your little TV show on Monday. Or, you can hear it from the team you've been hating on.

But nothing beats what Saints safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had to clap back to Skip Bayless with as he eloquently told Mr. TV Man to "Eat One."

Game, set, match.

I can't wait to read the clap-back tweets when inexplicably some talking TV "pundit" will give the Saints no chance to beat the woeful Atlanta Falcons with a quarterback who's not named Jameis Winston.

Stay tuned.

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