It's homecoming week Cajun fans, and that means exciting festivities, players and alumni retiring home, and football. Cajuns Head Coach Mike Desormeaux said this week that homecoming was always a special time for him to give back and represent the players and coaches who came before. He said this week is no different for his players as well.

The Cajuns want to put on a show this Saturday as they take on the Jaguars of South Alabama at Cajun Field. They want more than just their play to represent the players that came before them, they also want their look to do that as well. The Cajuns football Twitter page was hinting that the Cajuns could be sporting a special look earlier this week, but fans weren't quite sure.

The wait is over as the Cajuns have just officially unveiled their throwback helmets that they will where this Saturday. The team showed off their script helmets in a video that can only be known as "the script".  Jay Walker's narration of this video gives it a nostalgic feel that will get you jacked for Saturday.

Early fan reactions to the throwbacks show that Cajun fans are just as fired up as I am.

The Cajun's script helmets made their first debut in the 1987 season and they continued to wear them through the 1990 season. The Script helmets would make a second appearance in the 1995 and 1996 seasons. After a solo appearance in the 1998 season, the Cajuns wouldn't wear the script helmets again for a long time.


The Cajuns would show off numerous helmet styles from the flier-de-lis to the bolded Ragin' Cajuns that we have come to know and love today. The scripts would make a two-game appearance in the 2017 season, which was the last time the Cajuns wore these throwbacks.


With homecoming being a time of remembrance of those who before you and established the culture of Cajuns football, I think this is a perfect time to return the to script. How do you feel about the Cajun's throwbacks?

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