Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports was in Baton Rouge for the LSU and Auburn football game on Saturday.

And is usually the case when Portnoy arrives in town, he does a pizza review of a local pizzeria and Baton Rouge was no different. So Portnoy paid Schlittz & Giggles a visit before the game.

Portnoy also took the opportunity to talk about his ‘Classless’ tweet after Angel Reese and LSU beat Iowa to win their National Championship.


Wearing an LSU Angel Reese uniform, Portnoy attempted to explain himself for the insulting tweet.

First time back on campus and the whole the ring thing. See Angel Reese vs the Caitlin Clark.

Listen, people like oh Dave, I said some nasty things about Angel Reese because I bet on Iowa. I was rooting for Iowa and Angel Reese stuck a dagger in my heart.   So yeah, I was mad.  But hey, to the victor go the spoils. I went out and bought her jersey. Great player, great rivalry, nothing but respect.

The victor go the spoils, new season. That's what makes sports great. That's what makes pizza great.

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Portnoy then went on to list the many things he thinks about when he thinks about Baton Rouge.

When I think Baton Rouge, crawfish, po-boys, Cajun food, New Orleans, Jazz Fest, Angel Reese, Paul Skeens, Livvy Dunne The Saints that's what I think about. Drew Brees, Mardi Gras.  I don't think about pizza.

Joe Burrow, Coach O, Ja’Mar Chase.  4.2 That’s the review

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