When the pandemic struck a lot of culture shifted. From television to movies to video games to music and even to sports the way things used to be have changed. One major change was the increase in popularity of Twitch and Youtube streamers. With everyone home, those people were asked to deliver content on the level of Bryan Cranston, James Gandolfini, and Michael K Williams.

With the increase in popularity amongst streamers and YouTubers. Jake Paul stepped over the ledge and said lets box, then here comes Nate Robinson. And from the moment that Paul "knocked out" Robinson "Youtube Boxing" has taken off.

However, youtube boxing is a facade. Jake Paul is getting ready to fight MMA legend Anderson Silva and now more than ever Youtube Boxing looks as fake as everyone originally thought. Silva while training for the Paul fight was knocked out twice during training camp. With any normal fight if that happens that is an issue.

If this was a UFC fight or a Top Rank boxing match this fight would be postponed. Due to the head trauma that Silva received before the fight. However, this fight is continuing. I believe this fight is continuing for multiple reasons. The first is because Anderson Silva needs this payday. In the UFC before the Jon Jones and Conor McGregor era fighters were paid horribly and they still are to an extent. So Silva needs this payday. Second, because of the head injuries, it can be said that Jake will get the knockout. Many fans have suspected that Paul has paid fighters to take the fall and now before any other time it seems that can be the case. But whether or not it is, this fight won't be serious because Silva is just going for the check.

Social Media's Reaction to Jake Paul versus Anderson Silva

Everyone on social media from media members to just fans of combat sports realizes that something is off about this fight. The more that Jake Paul fights old washed-up fighters who need a check and don't mind taking a dive the worse Youtube boxing looks. These guys aren't fighting real fights and the public is finally starting to wake up. Unless Jake Paul or KSI fight Ryan Garcia or Tank Davis or just a real boxer I don't care anymore because the facade has faded away,

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