In the world of sports, the postgame or postfight interview is where you can catch athletes saying gems. Or it can be the start of a media typhoon because all hell breaks loose due to what was said. Well MMA fighter Joel Bauman gave the most open and honest postfight interview I've ever seen.

Bauman was fighting in Fury FC 1 where he won this past weekend. He starts his postfight interview discussing an NFT and already my mind has shut off because I despise NFTs and NFT talk. Call me a broke boy all you want I just don't get it. However, my ears perked up like my new puppy when I heard his comment on his herpes outbreak. Extremely honest and vulnerable of Bauman. However at the same time maybe it was too much information or just a bizarre thing to say after a fight. But he was using the comment as an explanation for his past loss. This interview sent social media ablaze.

Social Media's Reaction To Joel Bauman's Postfight Interview

Where does this postfight interview rank for you among the greatest postgame/postfight interviews of all time?

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