The NFL has been getting really strict about faking injuries during games this season. It's become a common occurrence for players to fake injuries in order to buy their team some time to catch their breath or even stop the momentum of offense. Fans have always found this slightly annoying when it happens to their team, but the NFL is apparently fed up with the antics. In order to stop this from happening, The league sent out a memo telling players that they will be fined for faking an injury.

If you thought the NFL was just using this threat as a bluff, Alexander Mattison will be the first to tell that the league is dead serious. The Viking's running back score a touchdown last Sunday against the Jets and decided to imitate a viral Tik Tok trend as his celebration. The trend includes faking either a back or leg injury and then "twerking as you go to the ground. The celebration was executed perfectly and the video went viral on social media, but the NFL took action just a few days later.

Alexander Mattison was fined for his celebration and would take to Twitter to express how he felt about the situation.

Mattison is not the only example the NFL made an example out of. Cam Jordan is the latest player to be fined for faking an injury.

The incident allegedly happened late in the fourth quarter when Tom Brady had lined up his offense for a fourth-and-ten when Jordan took a knee and pointed to his leg. Sources say the camera angles would reveal that Jordan was receiving instruction from the Saint's sideline to go down. The total amount of fines the NFL issued for this incident came out to $550,000 but not all of that was for Jordan. Jordan was fined $50,000, along with his position coach, Ryan Nielson, Dennis Allen was fined $100,000 while the Saints were fined $350,000. Cam Jordan took to Twitter to respond to the NFL's actions

I understand the want to take this out of the game, but is this really what the NFL should be devoting its time to? There are countless other issues that need to be addressed such as player safety protocols or roughing the passer penalties. I know the players and teams can afford these fines but the whole situation just seems irrelevant to me, what do you think about the NFL fining players for faking an injury?

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