This past weekend of college is without a doubt the best weekend we have seen so far this season. The college football world saw six undefeated teams go down and multiple upsets. The undefeated Trojans of USC fell to Utah in what was a thriller, while Oklahoma bounced back to beat 19th-ranked Kansas. The biggest shocker of the day came in Knoxville as the 6th-ranked Tennessee Volunteers took down the 3rd-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

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This was the Vol's first win over the Tide in fifteen years and it showed. The fans stormed the field and took over the city. The scene was just utter chaos. Here is a video from the winning moment at Neyland Stadium.

The fans and students would tear down the goalpost and separate them into pieces. This is not the first time a university has torn down the goalpost after a massive victory, it's pretty common. The fine a university gets for doing this is also common as well as Tennessee was fined $100K for their actions on Saturday night. However, what isn't common is the students and fans taking the goalpost out of the stadium and on a magical journey around the city. Here is a montage of the goalpost's unusual trip from the stadium to the river.

I think this is awesome and hilarious. What's even funnier to me is that Tennessee now is going to need new goalposts in order to play their next home game in two weeks. This a not a cheap task, so of course, the University turned to its loving and passionate fan base for help. The Vols started a go fund me account to help replace the goal post.

Not only did the fans help out, but they helped raise way more than was needed in just three days.

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How can you not love college football? It has moments of violence, passion, and the security of being able to count on your friends to help you out.

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