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The New Orleans Saints have developed a strong offensive philosophy under head coach Sean Payton along with quarterback Drew Brees. Those two have been the constants in this explosive offense with various moving pieces in and out over the years.

This off-season there have been some additions and subtractions but has the offense gotten better, stayed mostly the same or gotten worse?

According to pro football focus, at the end of the 2019 season, the Saints as a whole ranked 1st overall and the offense ranked 2nd. The offense produced an astounding 458 total points which ranked tied for 3rd with three players with a player grade over 90 per PFF and OL Ryan Ramczyk was the highest-graded offensive player at 90.9.

We'll go position by position group to examine the Saints offense as a whole to determine if they've gotten better, stayed mostly the same or in fact gotten worse.

The Offense

As a whole, this one is easy the offense has gotten better. Position by position, pound for pound the offense is better or the same, which was still really good, than they were in 2019.

The offensive line has improved and gotten younger at the same time along with added depth.

The quarterbacks come down to liking Jameis Winston more than I liked Teddy Bridgewater. Simply put, I believe the ceiling is much higher for Winston and Brees is Brees.

The skill-position players didn't suffer any major losses while addressing the secondary WR need.

At the kicking position, Wil Lutz is the same and that's a solid Pro-Bowler.


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The Defense


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