One thing that was constantly repeated on last night's broadcast of the Super Bowl was how bad the field was. Multiple Eagles players changed out their cleats due to the field's lousy quality. This was something that the Chiefs notified the league of at the beginning of the season.

Eagles players Haason Reddick & Jordan Mailata called out the NFL for the horrible field conditions.

With all the talk from players and media alike about the field, one would think this was a cheaply made field or just bad turf. Well, you won't believe how much the NFL spent on this field. According to Joe Pompliano the NFL spent two years preparing said field and it cost them 800,000 dollars to make. 

The field was made by the King Of Sod or the Sodfather George Toma. Well, this reminds me of a famous King of the Hill episode where Hank and his friends have to fill in for the high school's wizard of sod because he's messed up the field so much. Too bad Hank Hill and his friends couldn't save the Super Bowl.

They say life imitates art. Hopefully, the NFL finds a new Wizard of Sod for the Super Bowl next year, or just call Hank Hill.


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