The Detroit Lions have been the laughingstock of the NFL for a while now. But this year they showed that they should be taken seriously as they beat the Green Bay Packers to keep them out of the playoffs. No one exudes that attitude or sentiment more than Lions running back Jamaal Williams. After the game, Williams gave one of, if not the best postgame interview of all time.

The best part was after he acknowledged his great-grandfather, he immediately switched to defending the Lions. All year Williams stood up for his team. But this wasn't Williams' only moment this game as he let his love for anime shine in the Sunday Night Football intro segment.

For those that don't get the reference, Williams is referencing the hit anime or tv show Naruto. That is also where his headband comes from.

Williams basically had Sunday Night Football in the palm of his hands in the beginning and the end. Hopefully, this is the spark the Lions need to carry into next season and actually make the Playoffs.

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