I've experienced my fair share of amusement park rides over the years.

Everything from Space Mountain at Disney World, to the kinds of carnival thrill rides you'll see next to the highway in any beach town across the United States.

amusement park ride
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Ultimately, my experiences have always been fun and memorable.

However, seeing what unfolded on an amusement park ride in Mohali, Indian over the weekend will lead anyone to stay as far away from park rides as possible.

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In a nightmare come to life, a "Drop Tower" ride malfunctioned and all occupants dropped from 50 feet at full speed.

By the grace of God, no one died in the accident, but it's absolutely terrifying.

WARNING: The following video shared on social media by TV Journalist Nikhil Choudhary is difficult to watch. Watch at your own risk.

Insider.com reports around 50 people were on the ride, and miraculously, no deaths have been reported.

Choudhary told Insider that 16 women and children involved in the crash were hospitalized.

Per the Hindustan Times, those in charge of running the fair said the cause of the crash was a technical issue.

I'm keeping my kids off amusement park rides. And myself too.

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