Washington Nationals' second baseman Danny Espinosa has had a rough last two years at the office, so he did what every reasonable guy would do: he grew the most badass mustache in his industry.

Espinosa recently showed up at the Nats' spring training facility rocking a marvelous monster all over his mid- to lower-facial regions. Look at that sexy beast. Let's just hope he knows how to properly maintain it.

After breaking into the big leagues with dynamic seasons in 2011 and 2012, Espinosa seemed to forget out how to hit in 2013, a year in which he only managed to get on the field for 44 games. His 2014 campaign wasn't much better. For a young player still a few years from free agency (where the big bucks start rolling in), this is a crisis. While you might say something like "batting practice" or "extra fielding drills" would be smarter ways to improve oneself at baseball, we find it hard to argue with adding a gigantic flavor saver -- that's bound to help at least as much as taking a few extra swings in December and January, right?

And for some perspective, here's what Espinosa looked like last season, sans mustache, undoubtedly making a crucial error due to a cold upper lip:

Danny Espinosa fielding ground ball
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Even if Espinosa's fantastic new lip hugger can't nudge his batting average over last year's pathetic .219, it might be enough to scare off recently acquired Yunel Escobar, who many think will fully take over keystone spot on the infield this season for the Nationals. We're not certain of what Escobar's current facial-hair situation is, but we hope he takes note quickly of his rival's new look, which would intimidate even the feistiest of players -- which Escobar sure is.

Here's one last look:

Danny Espinosa mustache and bat
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

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