The Saints have been suffering all season.

Between poor coaching, injuries, and inconsistent play at every level and in every department, Who Dat Nation and the players themselves are just waiting for this season to be over.

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While not mathematically eliminated, their route in the playoffs is basically impossible, and most believe they wouldn't last long if they made it anyway.

Which makes the nature of the injury Cesar Ruiz suffered in Sunday's game against the Falcons all the more heartbreaking.

This shouldn't be an unfamiliar injury to Saints fans. Taysom Hill suffered the same kind of injury, and it shelved him for a better part of the offseason and he had to endure multiple surgeries. The injury still wasn't fully healed by the team fall camp rolled around and the QB/TE said of the injury, "...[it] never really goes away."

There is currently no timeline for Ruiz's rehab.

Saints fans are getting sick and tired of the bad news this season to the point where most of the replies to this news are a single expletive expressing fans' disgust. Since I obviously can't include those, here's a yikes.

Wishing Cesar all the best in his recovery.

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