Are you a dunker? Nope, I'm not talking about the basketball kind. I'm talking about the Oreo dunker.

Of course you are.

Did you know there is a kit out there that helps not get your fingers all milk-afied when you're trying to do said dunking of Oreo act?

Well you do now. And apparently it's been a thing in the past and no one bothered to tell me.

The Ultimate Oreo Dunk set is now available on a Walmart store shelf near you. The popular Oreo "kit", if you will, is sold exclusively at Walmart for only $17.98.

Each set comes with 13 Oreo cookies, two glass mugs, two cookie tongs, two napkins, and two cookie cages.

The real star is the cookie tongs. Whichever genius came up with that should get a huge bonus or a dang Nobel Peace Prize.

The question begs, "who's getting me one for Christmas?"

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