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At a time when the proud program of Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Softball needed a stabilizing force, Gerry Glasco stepped in and stepped up in a big way.

During the second hour of The Word With G Thursday, coach Glasco joined me to detail how and where he grew up, his love for sports, which sports he played in high school, what his initial plans were for work after college and how he moved down to Mexico to guide hunting tours.

Along the way, Gerry found softball through his three daughters' love for the game and it began very innocently where his oldest daughter chose softball over barrel horse riding. From there he threw himself all into it as a way to strengthen his bond with his girls so he began coaching them in select softball and playing them in a higher age division where they actually found a lot of success.

Through softball, coach Glasco not only found a way to connect with and strengthen his bond with his daughters but he impressed the right people with his abilities to coach that put him in position for an SEC coaching position.

His story is very unique and intriguing and I personally learned a lot about the man who's team I've been covering for the previous three seasons. I believe you'll learn a lot more about him through our conversation, I hope you enjoy.


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