You know it’s the best feeling when we check-in at the hotel and they tell us they are giving us a free upgrade. Well, unless you are fortunate enough to always pay for the best. But, when we have the little standard room with no view and they tell us we get to upgrade to the suite with a king size bed and a gorgeous view, it’s like winning the lottery.

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A woman used TikTok to share her tip on how to get that free upgrade at a hotel. She used to work at a large hotel chain and used her experience to give us a hack we all should try.

First things first, you have to download the hotel’s app. EVERY business has an app and they all want you to have it. She says in the video to book your stay through the hotel, NOT through sites like Expedia or Trivago. Then, about 24 hours before you check-in to the hotel, send them a message through the app. What should the message say? Basically, how excited you are. Tell them you are so excited about visiting and how you really need a get-away. After you fluff up your excitement, kindly ask if it’s possible to get a room with a view or a balcony. She says they’ll usually give you the upgrade for FREE just for using their app. Any business truly appreciates when people use their app these days.

Hey, using an app is easier for you because you don’t have call and sit on-hold or go through the automated system. It’s a win-win.

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