Shortly after 9 pm on the night of April 24th, the Ragin Cajun softball team of Louisiana Lafayette wrapped up a 7 to 2 victory over Louisiana Tech. Just a few short hours following that game the field and facilities where that contest was held was virtually destroyed by an EF3 tornado.

The softball field wasn't the only sports facility damaged by the storm. Louisiana Tech's soccer and baseball fields were also badly damaged in the storm. In fact, preliminary reports suggest that the damage to the softball, baseball, and soccer fields are so extensive that repairing them might be out of the question.

They are beyond repair, and once we have that official report we have to determine what it would cost to rebuild exactly what we have in today’s dollars.

Those comments were made by Athletic Director Tommy McClelland as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

McClelland went on to suggest that once final damage figures are in the school will then have a decision to make. Do they rebuild on the current sites or do they seek a new location for the fields? The reason a new location could be considered is that Tech is currently involved in a master plan for revitalizing the campus.

In the meantime, athletic department officials are brainstorming ideas for where the soccer, baseball, and softball teams will be playing next season. The hope is they can locate a facility that can host home games for all three sports, however, that might be a very difficult task.


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