Over the past year, we’ve been working from home due to the pandemic and it’s become very comfortable for many. One of the biggest reasons is because we don’t have to deal with those annoying co-workers. Well, that and the fact that you can work from your jammies. It’s pretty difficult to have an office that runs smoothly with no coworker issues, especially if there’s more than a few people sharing the office. Different personalities and waking up on the wrong side of the bed are just a couple of reasons for the inner-office struggles. And y’all, sometimes the struggle is REAL. Of course, things like being messy and eating smelly food are some of the things that can really make us cringe. Zippia, a career website, did a survey that included over 1,200 American workers to find out what coworker behaviors annoy them the most and narrow it down to the ten most annoying.

Top Ten Things Coworkers Do That Annoy Us

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