Tonight college football fans will be treated to the Armed Forces Bowl, a matchup between Baylor and the Air Force Academy.

Fans, including myself, are eagerly awaiting some triple option action in Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas.

What makes this game even more intriguing is that Fort Worth isn't a place anyone would consider a frozen tundra.

Except for this specific weekend.

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As a massive bomb cyclone threatens the contiguous U.S., temperatures are dropping everywhere. Wind chill factors have reached as high (low?) as -72 in the Northern States, but surely it won't be anywhere near that cold in the south, right?

Well, no, but how's -5 in the heart of Texas?

All I'm imagining is how frigid and stiff those metal bleachers must feel.

Or how painful getting hit, or even catching the ball will be in those conditions.

The temperature is more than just an interesting wrinkle. It's actually negatively affecting the fan experience in more ways than just the fact that it's friggin' cold.

It also might make a bit of history.

Let's just be real here for a second. It is absolutely going to get below 12 degrees.

This game being the coldest bowl game in nearly 40 years is just perfect if you're an Air Force fan, player, or pilot.

Just an absolutely ridiculous situation in which the triple option should absolutely thrive.

Some people may think the cold snap is grounds for the game to be postponed, but that definitely won't happen. And that's good. It shouldn't be moved.

Otherwise, how will I entertain myself in 20 degree weather from my perfectly warm house with a cup of hot cocoa and a few slices of pizza?

The Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth kicks off at 6:30 tonight.

The show must go on. Time to make history gents.

And y'all stay safe out there.

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