Temperatures in Texas have finally dropped, and for some of us we're very excited.

The leaves are hopefully going to be cruncher, it'll get darker quicker, and most importantly, flannel season is in full swing everybody! But for some of us, we're not excited for the cold season.

For one thing, just like the Lone Star heat, the cold is just as irritating to step out into. Also, when the wind blows hard, it feels like it cuts right through you doesn't it? Plus some might not like the getting darker situation mentioned previously.

However, the cold affects more than just us humans. Animals outside will be looking for a bit of relief from the cold. One is certainly very familiar...

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Wait, These Animals Are Back To Annoy Us Again In Texas?

Remember how we talked about a certain spider making it's way through Texas? Well, it looks like they're going to keep annoying us for a bit, which isn't terrifying or annoying at all is it? But why are tarantulas once again trying to invade our space?

Well according to KCEN, even these spiders get cold too. Due to potential combination of cold temps and rain, the creepy crawler is going to try to and find a place to dry off and stay warm. Which could lead them into our homes.

KCEN reports that tarantulas, while they look rather terrifying, are at most, annoying. They are indeed venomous, but the toxin may simply cause an allergic reaction in some.

To be honest however, we'd rather not find out the hard way!

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