Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is not happy about the new rule change in the NFL allowing a wider range of jersey number options for various positions.

Earlier this week, NFL owners passed a rule that gives more options to multiple positions.

For Brady, he thinks it gives opposing defenses too much of an advantage.

"Good luck trying to block the right people now! Going to make for a lot of bad football," Brady posted on Instagram.

"DUMB. Why not let the lineman wear whatever number they want too? Why have numbers? Just have colored jerseys ... Why not wear the same number?" added Brady.

Tagging the NFL and the NFL Players Association was a nice touch from Brady as well.

I side with Brady on this.

Altering jersey rules for linebackers will make it more difficult for quarterbacks to call out various protections to their offensive line before a play. Distinguishing who is a linebacker and who is a defensive back will no longer be identifiable by numbers.

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