Too many people sit down when it's time to stand up

--Tony Robichaux

The late Cajun baseball coach's words ring true so often.  His thought provoking "Robe-isms" have been repeated over and over again since his untimely death six weeks ago.

And, it's amazing how many times his words have come to my mind, depending on the situation.

The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns football team opens the 2019 season Saturday, August 31 against Mississippi State.  It's a historic game, in that the Cajuns are meeting a team from a Power 5 conference on a neutral field.  It is technically the Cajuns' home game although Mississippi State gets a good percentage of the gate.  The Cajuns are responsible for expenses incurred in the meeting.

This means the Cajuns need to sell tickets.

In addition, there is no "money" game this year for the Cajuns.  There is no $1.4 million payday headed the Cajuns' way like they received for their trip to Tuscaloosa.

This REALLY means the Cajuns need to sell tickets.

Because I can do math, I get this.

And, I'm honestly perplexed by some of the "reasons" fans are giving for not headed to the Crescent City.  I'm not talking about casual fans.  I'm talking about fans who are season ticket holders, fans who have an opinion about things and aren't afraid to express them.  I'm talking about people who are active on fan boards.

What have they said?

"I was going to go until they changed the kickoff time to 11:00.  I guess I'll just watch it on television."  The original rumor was the game would kick off at 4:00.  That would have made it easy for fans to head into the city, see the game and head home if they didn't want to spend the night.  The 11:00 kickoff makes it a bit more inconvenient.

But not that inconvenient.

If you don't want to get a room in New Orleans Friday night and you live in the Lafayette area, you leave the house at 8:00.  That really isn't a big deal...if you're truly a fan.

"It's Decadence Weekend and I don't want to have to deal with that."  It is true there will be a huge congregation from the LGBTQ community around the country.  But, anyone who has been in the Crescent City on Labor Day weekend will tell you that almost all of the festivities take place in the French Quarter.  Here's a suggestion:  Stay out of the French Quarter if it bothers you.  It surely shouldn't deter you from going....if you're truly a fan.

"Because of all the people coming to New Orleans, I won't be able to find a hotel room."  Actually there are plenty of rooms available.  Many of those coming in for other festivities use sites like airbnb or vrbo to find a place to stay.  There are very reasonably priced hotels just outside the city.  Don't want to drink and drive back to the hotel?  Uber is your friend.  It shouldn't be a deal breaker...if you're truly a fan.

"I heard tickets were $60.00.  That's just too much for a family of four."  I would agree...if that were true.  In reality, tickets are as low at $25.00.

Some fans say they aren't going because it's Labor Day weekend and they want to get away for three days.  That's understandable, especially if you're going to be at a family gathering.  But do you have a few hours to spare on Saturday?  Food for thought.

The reality is, what I'm hearing are merely excuses.  The kickoff time isn't convenient.  There will be a great deal of people there with a different lifestyle from yours.  Maybe you won't be staying at the most convenient place...or maybe you'll pay more to stay in the city than you're used to.

It's really important, if you're truly a fan, that you participate on August 31st at the 'Dome.

Are you going to sit down when it's time to stand up?

Because it's time to stand up.

Be a fan.

Support your team.


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