A Ruffino's employee by the name of Kea got the surprise of a lifetime.

A series of videos posted by Ruffino's employee captured the moment when Kea realized his fellow employees came together to give him a major helping hand after he had his car stolen from the parking lot at work last week.

Kea had been really down since his car was stolen, but his fellow employees came together and decided they had to do something for him. Once the crew at Don's Automotive Wholesale found out what the Ruffino's staff was doing they decided to match the donations to help Kea get into a replacement vehicle for his family.

What a special team with a special bond. Major props to the Ruffino's crew for coming together to help out one of their own and props to Don's for joining in to help. This speaks volumes about this business and the people who work there and I'll definitely be paying them a visit for dinner soon.

We hope you enjoy the new wheels, Kea! Based on what we've seen from the crew at Ruffino's on the River, you deserve it!

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