This was a pretty cool moment prior to the game.

Just as LSU players were about to take the field Saturday night in "Tiger Stadium," a number of players rushed to the front corner of the south endzone for a very special moment.

After the fireworks were done and the smoke had cleared, I noticed a large number of LSU players taking a knee in the endzone.

The young men took a few seconds to say a prayer prior to their game against Alabama and what would come later in the evening makes all the sense now.

The Tigers and the Crimson Tide ultimately went into overtime and the possessions for both teams just so happened to be going toward the south endzone, where these young got down on a knee and prayed.

By now you know the story, LSU's Coach Brian Kelly elected to go for the 2-point conversion in overtime rather than kick the ball to tie the game.

His decision led the Tigers to victory when the Freshman player, Mason Taylor, caught the ball and fell into the endzone, where the players took a knee prior to the game.

So many recognized the symbolism here and thus, this photo of LSU players praying in the south endzone has gone viral.

Take a look at this very special moment prior to kickoff in Tiger Stadium last Saturday night.

If you forgot how LSU defeated Alabama last Saturday night in Tiger Stadium, it was on this pass to Taylor, in the south endzone.

After this play, the young man, who caught the game-winning pass, shared this special moment with his mother, while still on the field.

After this memorable game in Baton Rouge,  Mason Taylor was named SEC Freshman of the week!


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