These days when conference commissioners open up Media Days they drone on how well the conference is doing, how it's improved under their leadership, and what you may expect in the near future.

They don't tend to have 'walk-up songs'.

Meet Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill.  Not only did he have The Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight as his song of choice, but he also explained why.

As I approached the podium, my walk-up music, Rapper’s Delight from The Sugar Hill Gang.  I was 7 years old when this song first dropped and I thought it was amazing. Rapper’s Delight sampled a little Curtis Blow, combined a little funk and some hop hip.  Hearing this iconic song today brings back wonderful childhood memories and reminds me of the value and importance and impact of music.  Every time I hear this song it brings a smile to my face.  It makes me want to rise. A perfect anthem for Sun Belt Media Days.

In other words, a mic drop.

While other commissioners are stressing that athletes are students and not employees and others can't put together a media deal, the Sun Belt Commissioner struts up to podium to Rapper's Delight.

Of course Gill listed a few of the Sun Belt accomplishments; Bowl wins, the TV Deal, Wins over Power 5 Schools, etc, etc, etc.

None of that compares to having a walk up song as cool as Rapper's Delight.

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