A pathetic website has been posting stories all day about pro football players breaking their legs in a car accident. Each story is exactly the same, with the same picture, and a different athlete's name attached.

It started two days ago when mediafetcher.com reported that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones broke both his legs in a car accident and was transported to a hospital. Then the exact same story, only with Drew Brees' name instead of Jones, was released this afternoon. Then Matt Ryan. Then....well you get the picture.

I won't pass along the link of the bogus story, only because I don't want to give a pathetic website the ability to build up clicks based on shock value and lies.

Breath easy Saints fans. Drew Brees is fine. Please share this story so your friends don't fall victim to the same hoax.



twitter, @drewbrees
twitter, @drewbrees

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