Matt Ryan has had an incredible NFL career by any metric.

He's thrown for over 62,000 yards, won 124 games as a starting quarterback, and earned an NFL MVP.

Unfortunately for Matt, despite all his accolades, there's one aspect of his career he'll never be able to escape.

As the quarterback of the Falcons, his team blew a 28-3 lead late in the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl LI, ending up on the wrong side of the most memorable collapse in NFL history.

Matt Ryan
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28-3 will follow the Falcons, and Ryan, forever.

Earlier this season, Ryan became the 8th quarterback in league history to surpass 60,000 passing yards. He threw for 283 yards in the game, a number that was branded on the ball.


After 14 seasons with Atlanta, Ryan joined the Indianapolis Colts last offseason via trade.

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On Saturday, he was on the wrong side of football history once again.

With the Colts leading 33-0 over the Minnesota Vikings at halftime, they managed to set a dubious record.

Prior to Saturday, no team in NFL history had lost a game in which they led by 33 points.

The memes were plentiful.

Even Ryan's wife had fun on Twitter at the expense of the Colts collapse.

Following the epic World Cup final on Sunday morning that saw Argentina defeat France on penalty kids, Sarah Ryan shared the following message on social media.

Maybe the Ryan's have a sense of humor about it.

Outside of the fanbases for the Falcons and Colts, it seems the the rest of the world does.

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