As fans and members of the media, we get caught up in the notion that some of these athletes don't care about regular season awards. This year's NBA MVP winner Joel Embiid reminded us, that no these guys care a lot about these awards. It also reminds us that they love what they do.

Before Game 3 of the Celtics vs Sixers matchup Embiid received his MVP award. During this award ceremony, Embiid delivered an emotional speech about hard work and determination that concluded with Embiid in tears holding his son.

This is the type of speech and reaction that may require you to have the tissues ready. While writing this I may have let one thug tear slide down the side of my face. This speech reminds you that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish your dreams. For Embiid to not only make it where he came from and to overcome the multitude of injuries, is an amazing story.

For Embiid the next challenge will be to make it to the next round. Even if he doesn't he will always have this moment.

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