Shaquille O'Neal now joins a club of athletes who believe the earth is flat. Led by Kyrie Irving we've seen multiple athletes say the earth is flat. Shaq now joins that list.

To be fair, Shaq called it a theory, but he did say he doesn't dismiss the theory and gives his reasons why he doesn't such as when you fly it's only in a straight line among other reasons. So by that logic, he somewhat believes in it right. But he also stated another theory he doesn't dismiss is that the earth doesn't spin because his lake never moved around his house. I know Neil deGrasse Tyson would like a word with the NBA legend.

Social Media Reacting To Shaq's Theory

Science exists for a reason and I fall under the belief of science. However, Shaq can believe whatever he wants, and hey if it turns out that he's right then we all look dumb. I just don't think that will happen though.

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