By now we've all seen the videos of FS1's Shannon Sharpe and the Memphis Grizzles going at it courtside last week at the Lakers game. Well, Monday Sharpe on his show 'Undisputed' issued an apology for his actions.

I get why Sharpe issued the apology. However, I will say that even though his actions were corny and wrong, two wrongs don't make a right. Dillion Brooks and the Grizzles were very much in the wrong as well. If they can't handle trash talk from a fan then how can they handle the NBA playoffs?

Normally social media likes to joke around and make fun of people in moments like this; however, the internet embraced Sharpe's apology.

Social Media Reacts To Shannon Sharpe's Apology

Sharpe did the right thing and held himself accountable. That is something his cohost Skip Bayless can learn from.

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