College football in 2020 has been a rollercoaster, and the season hasn't begun. Will it?

While some conferences have canceled their season, or postponed until the spring, others have remained steadfast in attempting to play college football this year, including the Southeastern Conference (SEC), who will play a 10 game conference only season.

SEC preseason camps begin on Monday.

With the SEC football season kicking off in 40 days, the conference released its entire 2020 schedule today.

Here's a look at LSU's schedule, followed by every other SEC team.


September 26th, LSU vs Mississippi State

October 3rd, LSU at Vanderbilt

October 10th, LSU vs Missouri

October 17th, LSU at Florida

October 24th, LSU vs South Carolina

October 31st, LSU at Auburn

November 7th, BYE

November 14th, LSU vs Alabama

November 21st, LSU at Arkansas

November 28th, LSU at Texas A&M

December 5th, LSU vs Ole Miss

December 19th, SEC Championship



Sept. 26: at Missouri

Oct. 3: vs. Texas A&M

Oct. 10: at Ole Miss

Oct. 17: vs. Georgia

Oct. 24: at Tennessee

Oct. 31: vs. Mississippi State

Nov. 7: Bye

Nov. 14: at LSU

Nov. 21: vs. Kentucky

Nov. 28: vs. Auburn

Dec. 5: at Arkansas



Sept. 26: vs. Georgia

Oct. 3: at Mississippi State

Oct. 10: at Auburn

Oct. 17: vs. Ole Miss

Oct. 24: Bye

Oct. 31: at Texas A&M

Nov. 7: vs. Tennessee

Nov. 14: at Florida

Nov. 21: vs. LSU

Nov. 28: at Missouri

Dec. 5: vs. Alabama



Sept. 26: vs. Kentucky

Oct. 3: at Georgia

Oct. 10: vs. Arkansas

Oct. 17: at South Carolina

Oct. 24: at Ole Miss

Oct. 31: vs. LSU

Nov. 7: Bye

Nov. 14: at Mississippi State

Nov. 21: vs. Tennessee

Nov. 28: at Alabama

Dec. 5: vs. Texas



Sept. 26: at Ole Miss

Oct. 3: vs. South Carolina

Oct. 10: at Texas A&M

Oct. 17: vs. LSU

Oct. 24: vs. Missouri

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, Florida)

Nov. 14: vs. Arkansas

Nov. 21: at Vanderbilt

Nov. 28: vs. Kentucky

Dec. 5: at Tennessee



Sept. 26: at Arkansas

Oct. 3: vs. Auburn

Oct. 10: vs. Tennessee

Oct. 17: at Alabama

Oct. 24: at Kentucky

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

Nov. 14: at Missouri

Nov. 21: vs. Mississippi State

Nov. 28: at South Carolina

Dec. 5: vs. Vanderbilt



Sept. 26: at Auburn

Oct. 3: vs. Ole Miss

Oct. 10: vs. Mississippi State

Oct. 17: at Tennessee

Oct. 24: vs. Kentucky

Oct. 31: at Missouri

Nov. 7: Bye

Nov. 14: vs. Vanderbilt

Nov. 21: at Alabama

Nov. 28: at Florida

Dec. 5: vs. South Carolina



Sept. 26: at LSU

Oct. 3: vs. Arkansas

Oct. 10: at Kentucky

Oct. 17: vs. Texas A&M

Oct. 24: Bye

Oct. 31: at Alabama

Nov. 7: vs. Vanderbilt

Nov. 14: vs. Auburn

Nov. 21: at Georgia

Nov. 28: at Ole Miss

Dec. 5: vs. Missouri



Sept. 26: vs. Alabama

Oct. 3: at Tennessee

Oct. 10: at LSU

Oct. 17: vs. Vanderbilt

Oct. 24: at Florida

Oct. 31: vs. Kentucky

Nov. 7: Bye

Nov. 14: vs. Georgia

Nov. 21: at South Carolina

Nov. 28: vs. Arkansas

Dec. 5: at Mississippi State



Sept. 26: vs. Florida

Oct. 3: at Kentucky

Oct. 10: vs. Alabama

Oct. 17: at Arkansas

Oct. 24: vs. Auburn

Oct. 31: at Vanderbilt

Nov. 7: Bye

Nov. 14: vs. South Carolina

Nov. 21: at Texas A&M

Nov. 28: vs. Mississippi State

Dec. 5: at LSU



Sept. 26: vs. Tennessee

Oct. 3: at Florida

Oct. 10: at Vanderbilt

Oct. 17: vs. Auburn

Oct. 24: at LSU

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: vs. Texas A&M

Nov. 14: at Ole Miss

Nov. 21: vs. Missouri

Nov. 28: vs. Georgia

Dec. 5: at Kentucky



Sept. 26: at South Carolina

Oct. 3: vs. Missouri

Oct. 10: at Georgia

Oct. 17: vs. Kentucky

Oct. 24: vs. Alabama

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: at Arkansas

Nov. 14: vs. Texas A&M

Nov. 21: at Auburn

Nov. 28: at Vanderbilt

Dec. 5: vs. Florida



Sept. 26: vs. Vanderbilt

Oct. 3: at Alabama

Oct. 10: vs. Florida

Oct. 17: at Mississippi State

Oct. 24: Bye

Oct. 31: vs. Arkansas

Nov. 7: at South Carolina

Nov. 14: at Tennessee

Nov. 21: vs. Ole Miss

Nov. 28: vs. LSU

Dec. 5: at Auburn



Sept. 26: at Texas A&M

Oct. 3: vs. LSU

Oct. 10: vs. South Carolina

Oct. 17: at Missouri

Oct. 24: Bye

Oct. 31: vs. Ole Miss

Nov. 7: at Mississippi State

Nov. 14: at Kentucky

Nov. 21: vs. Florida

Nov. 28: vs. Tennessee

Dec. 5: at Georgia


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