Poor Falcons. Bless their little hearts.

Regardless of what they do on social media, a long line of accounts waits to troll them with a joke.

Whether it's the Carolina Panthers account channeling Adam Sandler or the New Orleans Saints account responding to a basic Falcons question with a textbook "28-3" response, it's easy to dunk on Atlanta.

Yesterday, the Falcons released their new uniforms, and Saints coach Sean Payton responded with a simple, "Impressive".

Was he being nice or sarcastic?

Who knows?

But a Falcons fan responded with a reference to Payton's depressive state following the Saints getting screwed in the 2018 NFC Championship game.

Payton had the perfect response.

A 28-3 response always works, but using creativity and cordially answering the user's question takes it to another level.

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