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Drew Brees' comments on Wednesday regarding never kneeling for the American flag and the lack of empathy he showed for the black community and his black teammates were not well received.

On Thursday, he amended those comments here trying to mend the bridge that was in the process of burning yesterday.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins put out an extremely emotional video in response to Brees' comments (watch video) on Wednesday. In addition, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara unfollowed their quarterback on social media.

Linebacker Demario Davis accepted what Brees had to say and soon after one of the other leaders on offense Michael Thomas followed suit by saying this via his Twitter account:

He continued on by saying...

It's great that a couple of the major players on his team are accepting of his apology regarding his comments that again lacked so much empathy.

Thomas is absolutely right though when it comes to keeping the focus on what the real issue still is here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, we know Brees missed the boat yesterday and he put out the statement that he needed to make to try and amend his lack of empathy. Let's keep the focus on the task at hand, let's stand united against racial injustice.

Be kind. Stand united. Keep pushing forward.


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